Dry Spell


Dry Spell™ is an extremely potent water-loss product that uses the highest
quality ingredients to help you obtain a hard, dry look whether you’re a
competitor or just want to look drier at the beach.

Removes subcutaneous water- The extreme water-shedding matrix is designed
to allow users to drop copious amounts of subcutaneous(under the skin)
water, allowing users to obtain an arid-dry physique.
Erases bloating- The powerful blend of natural diuretic ingredients will
reduce bloating and enhance muscle definition

Day Spell

Black magic supply now brings you their exclusive powdered nootropic.

Handcrafted with the most powerful ingredients that will deliver wicked
focus paired with intense concentration.

– 600mg Lions Mane
– 600mg Alpha GPC
– 750mg Tyrosine
– 750mg DMAE
– Day Spell Matrix

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